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39 km from Hotel il Negresco


A point of arrival for some or for others a stop off point, either way, it cannot be overlooked as its artistic beauty and scenic environment makes the city of Lucca one of Tuscany’s jewels.

Visiting Lucca is being able to wander through its narrow streets, one of Italy’s best preserved ancient city centres, walk along the three famous walls, taste the local dishes in the many Osterias and take part in the many art and cultural initiatives organized.

A trip to Lucca can start with a walk on the Walls of the city, built during the sixteenth century and in the nineteenth century becoming the urban park spaces and the old city it still is today, a symbol of the city recognized for its particularity worldwide. It continues on with the Guinigi Tower, the famous tree-lined tower built around 1390 by the powerful Guinigi family from Lucca, also the Clock Tower and the Cathedral of Lucca, the Cathedral of San Martino, which contains masterpieces by Nicola Pisano, Jacopo della Quercia and Tintoretto. We recommend a walk in Via Fillungo, the main street that cuts through the old town, the heart of the commercial and artisan and Amphitheatre Square, now called Market Square, where once stood the ancient Roman forum.

Amphitheatre Square is a jewel for the city of Lucca with its cozy restaurants and its workshops of painters and artists. On April 27 the Amphitheatre square hosts a traditional flower market to pay homage to the patron saint Santa Zita Ting.

While offering its visitors visiting places rich in history and culture, in recent years the city of Lucca decided to open up to promoting new festivals and exhibitions that have gained international exposure to interest and vanguard. The traditional antiques market Lucca, alongside contemporary therefore important initiatives of great appeal.

Among these the Lucca Comics & Games, the international festival of comics recognised as the best in Italy that involves the whole city in the days between October and November, the Summer Festival, a musical event in July makes Piazza Napoleone a stage for artists internationally renowned, and the Digital LUCCA photo fest, important festival of photography and visual art that showcases from late November until mid-December.

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