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Apuan Alps 2
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Apuan Alps 3

89 km from Hotel Il Negresco.

Apuan Alps

The Apuan Alps are one of the most typical and original mountainous areas of the Italian peninsula, due to the richness of the environment and it’s landscapes. Human presence from the centuries has left traces here of a considerable size and has enriched the area of important historical and cultural remains. The Apuan Alps are known throughout the world for the beauty of its marble and other decorative and construction stones (cipollino, brecce, pietra del Cardoso). The Apuan Alps are therefore a complex topography of great beauty thanks to the impressiveness of the mountain range, from the harsh morphology, with its deep valleys and slopes steeply inclined. In the stretch of a few kilometers, from the short coastal plain of Versilia, the Apuan Alps rise to nearly two thousand meters above sea level with Mount Pisanino (1947 m).

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