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HIDDEN TREASURES OF TUSCANY: Marble’s Cave - Fantiscritti Gallery Carrara (MASSA)

The Versilia area is a land rich in ancient hamlets, art cities and seaside resort but also in another precious treasure, the white marble from Carrara.A visit to the marble quarries, true and impressive rock cathedrals accessible only from overhanging paths running at the foot of the Apuan Alps, is a really unique and thrilling experience that will make you discover unexpected sceneries. One of the most suggestive quarry is the “Cava of Fantiscritti” composed of an open pit, but also of an underground one hidden in the mountain bowels. The inside is absolutely breathtaking: all around you stand out highest marble walls, gigantic columns and ceiling and pavements depicting a lunar landscape, sunk in a deep silence. The underground quarry’s tour, passing through huge rooms and galleries all carved out of marble, describes how over millions of years the common limestone turns into the precious marble and shows the machineries used for cutting and quarrying the stone.


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