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HIDDEN TREASURES OF TUSCANY: Colonnata Village and its specialty

The hamlet of Colonnata, nestled in the heart of Apuan Alps, dates back to the 1st centrury b.c. when romans began the works to exploit the marble’s quarries of the valley. Both the economy and the history of this little borgo have always been bond to the marble that is also the precious “basis” of the Lard from Colonnata, the exquisite salami, once used as basic accompaniment to bread from the quarries’ workers. The preparation of this delicacy requires in fact that the strips of fatback are cured for 6-10 months in basins made of the local marble together with grains of salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary, sage and herbs and are covered with a marble slab. As the legend goes the lard was considered thaumaturgic and was used from Saint Antonio Abate to cure the “holy fire”. Besides this magical properties the lard has been universally appreciated for ages thanks to its flavour and aroma so much so that even Michelangelo supply himself with great abundance every time he arrived to Colonnata to choose the marble for his works!

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