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This suggestive cave is named after the wind that constantly go through the 2 openings, the first sited at about 630 meters above sea level, the second, not accessible, at the top of the mountain, at 1.400 meters above sea level. The first informations on the “Wind Hole” date back to the XVII century, but only at the end of XIX century some locals convinced a little girl to enter the small hole, that was too narrow for an adult: the girl explored just 5 meters of the cavity, but encouraged the locals to venture into the cave by widening the entering hole. The young men moved forward crawling for about 20 meters until they reached a large salon, but they ran back overwhelmed by fear. Afterwards there were a lot of explorations until in 1964 the decisive expedition covered a good 1.100 meters of galleries: the cave has been explored for a track of more than 4 km thus far, but remain at least 30 branches to be sightseen. The singularity of this cave consists in the very different sceneries you can find inside it: there are in fact 3 different areas, the first one that is flat and rich in calcareous concretions, the second one that starts with a chasm and a downhill path and is crossed by a subterranean river, the third one finally characterized by perfectly-vertical shafts. Any other cave in Europe boasts such a morphological variety and offers so many itineraries and emotions!

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